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Most dramatic lymphoma posts are from June 2002 - February 2003 archives.

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The Waking

I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.
I feel my fate in what I cannot fear.
I learn by going where I cannot go.

We think by feeling. What is there to know?
I hear my being dance from ear to ear.
I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.

Of those so close beside me, which are you?
God bless the Ground! I shall walk softly there,
And learn by going where I have to go.

Light takes the Tree, but who can tell us how?
The lowly worm climbs up a winding stair;
I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.

Great Nature has another thing to do
To you and me; so take the lively air,
And, lovely, learn by going where to go.

This shaking keeps me steady. I should know.
What falls away is always. And is near.
I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.
I learn by going where I have to go.

--Theodore Roethke


Joy's Updates - Straight from the Horse's Mouth.
Thursday, July 31, 2003  

I've had some emails asking about the fine-needle aspiration and ultrasound I had last week. No news is good news, I suppose. There is a policy at that office not to send results of tests if they are normal. They said I'd know within the week, which has already gone by. I plan to ask for copies of these anyway and then plan to see a different endocrinologist. Anyone have a suggestion for one you've seen or heard about? I'm gathering information and will start my search. Sorry I didn't follow through with this. Now you know as much as I do about it.

11:19:00 PM

New Trivia Quiz

I've been at in-service all week and am tired! Today I unpacked boxes, and people were so nice to help me get things moved into my room. I appreciate it so much.

So answer what you know, guess, be funny! Whatever - just enjoy!! Bonus information always fun to learn, so give us more trivia to read!

1. People & Places - Who sported a license plate that read "A1ANA2"?
2. Arts & Entertainment - Whose defense fund was the recipient of Edna St. Vincent Millay's profits from the sale of her poem, Justice Denied in Massachusetts?
3. History - What was the first city Neil Armstrong mentioned when he was on the moon?
4. Science & Nature - Which animal hair is used to make cashmere?
5. Sports & Leisure - What team has lost the most World Series?
6. Wild Card - What fictional, youth-loving character lends his name to a fashion detail?
7. Movie - Christopher Lloyd plays Judge Doom in this mystery. This film offers a wonderful combination of live action and animation. The "toons" live side by side with humans in this movie. *It also has one of my favorite quotes in it.

5:16:00 PM

Tuesday, July 29, 2003  

Answers to the Trivia Quiz are in the comments section. Well done, Michelle and MF!! Interesting additional information about that Game of the Century! :-)

4:43:00 PM

Monday, July 28, 2003  

I don't know if this link will work or not, but this is a good article about a project someone is doing about women who lost children to adoption in the 60's and 70's. It's accurate about how it was and the effects it had on us. If not, check out the Boston Globe archives for THE GIRLS WHO `WENT AWAY' on July 28, 2003.

11:12:00 PM

Back to Work

We had in-service today at Creek Wood for both high schools. It was good to see lots of people again I've worked with. We had a presentation about teen-age suicide warning signs this morning which was helpful for the most part. A couple of the ones this afternoon were difficult to sit through though.

5:16:00 PM

Saturday, July 26, 2003  
Photo Album

Earl pointed out that I don't have but one friend based on my photo album, and he's the lone one. I got the idea that he likes having the spotlight but thought it made me look pitiful. I'll have to take some pictures of my friends who would be willing for me to post them on an album. I have some but don't have a scanner and would need to take them with the digital camera. So if any of you have photos you'd send me to post there, I will be happy to. Thanks!


Charlie sent me his photo to add to the album, so now I have two visible friends. Charlie teaches 8th grade accelerated English in Maine. We met back in the days when there was an NEA section on AOL where we teachers could go for unlimited time. That's when we paid so much a month for five hours and then paid extra for minutes beyond that. I didn't stay online very much then because we also had to pay long distance charges to Nashville. When that changed, I'd stay in the NEA section reading the bulletin boards and go into the chat room occasionally. It was like being in a national teacher's lounge. We could discuss what other systems were doing and find out about benefits and other jobs, etc. It was fun.

Most of the time I looked at the bulletin boards about gifted education to see what was going on in other states and to compare notes with other teachers of gifted students. Charlie posted his curriculum on there, and it was right down my alley. We were fascinated by the same things and continued emailing after my initial one to him asking about his classes. I guess we've been in touch now for almost 10 years. One summer several years ago I went to New England to visit friends from the Navy days and included a visit to Charlie. It was my first time in that part of the country, and I really enjoyed seeing the sights as well as spending time with friends. They were all wonderful hosts and made me feel so welcome. When Charlie can get past my Southern accent, we communicate well and talk about everything. Not many days go by that we don't email each other.

While I was there, I went on a walking tour of Boston, including the Freedom Trail and famous colleges, with Dennis and Elaine. Never again will I attempt something so foolish as walking up and back down all 294 steps of the Bunker Hill Monument! My legs buckled when I finally made it down and then I could barely make it back across Boston Common to the car. I was extremely sore for days afterward and had to walk backwards down the steps at Charlie's since my room was upstairs! I have no idea why I thought I could do that. Don't believe them - the view isn't that great from there. Not worth it! They took me to see Blue Man Group (if you ever get a chance to see them, please do) and other places in the area. We also met other friends from the Navy who live in CT at Newport and saw those summer "cottages" there which are incredible mansions. We met Charlie at Kennebunkport, and I restrained myself from throwing rocks at the Bushes' house there. I just sneered and took pictures. Charlie showed me around his neck of the woods and took me to see Sweeney Todd in Brunswick. I got to see Bowdoin College where Hawthorne went. He and a friend of his prepared a lobster dinner with all the trimmings where I met more people. We visited his school since we teachers like to see all that. It was a wonderful trip with fantastic hosts and friends!!

1:04:00 PM

Friday, July 25, 2003  
Geek Humor

A friend who is a software engineer sent me this, but I'm not geeky enough to get all of it. Beware of Geeks bearing gifs, or is that Geek-baring gifs?

This was at the bottom of his email he forwarded: No, it's not an urban legend. It's simply a hoax. Check out this excellent hoax site - nice job guys.

3:21:00 PM

Visit from Down Under

My friend Janey has been in town visiting her family, and I got to see her this week. The last time I saw her was just before she moved to Australia, probably around sixteen years ago. We've been in touch some, but seeing her and catching up was wonderful. Her children are teenagers now. Her sense of humor and intelligence are right up there with Dorothy Parker's, and she's fun to be around. We carried on our usual range of conversational topics from personal to global. I like hearing her perspectives after growing up here and living there for so long.

We both laughed about when we lived next door to each other while we were both teaching English at DCHS. Neither of us found anyone else we could play tennis with who was at our level. We'd both taken and passed a class in tennis in colege, so we knew it in theory and had learned the basics. Then as we played, we both progressed to the same level of mediocrity. At first we were glad we could keep the ball in the court. Later on, volleys were a source of delight. Occasionally we impressed ourselves even though no one else would have applauded. We thought we were clever announcing our own games in our best Wimbledon voices, "Advahntage, Good Guy" or by shouting poxes on serves and such. Afterwards we'd go to one of our houses and make milkshakes with coffee ice cream, milk, Kahlua, and sometimes chocolate syrup (always alcoholic coffee milkshakes though) and play backgammon. We'd also go to movies, play Stratego, shop, drive to Nashville just to go to Baskin-Robbins, visit people, see psychics recreationally, and all kinds of things. We had our Lucy and Ethel moments, especially one time driving back from the flea market where we both bought alleged antique trunks we knew weren't but liked them anyway. That's when I had this Chevy Malibu which was good since one trunk fit in the back seat and one in the front seat. Janey was wedged in beside her trunk and mine rode as a passenger while I drove. They were too big for the trunk of the car. This trip was made more exciting by stopping on the way home to eat. We made it back with them. I still have mine, but Janey sold hers when she was in law school.

There are beginning to be places open until 9:00 pm there since most shops close at 5:00 in Adelaide. Janey said people are voicing concerns about it and wondering when the ones who work there will have time to spend with their families and what will happen to the smaller shops. I remember when it was like that here. The Puritan Work Ethic, which causes its own problems, has turned into into overworking, overscheduling, and overspending since this is a greed-based society. We're feeding the wrong hunger and filling needs not satisfied the way most Americans are going about it.

I've really missed Janey and was so glad to see her. I'm going to visit her when I can work it out - possibly as part of my celebration when I retire in TWO MORE YEARS!! It will be fun to go to Australia and even more fun to visit her again.

12:10:00 PM


There are some movies I want to see - Pirates of the Caribbean is one of them. Brian and Melissa said it was good. I'd also like to see Seabiscuit for some reason. I've never seen any of those Laura Croft movies and am not sure I'll start now.

Masked and Anonymous is a must-see because of the cast. Look who's in it! Jeff Bridges, Jessica Lange, John Goodman, Bob Dylan, Luke Wilson, Val Kilmer, Ed Harris, Morgan Freeman, Penélope Cruz, Bruce Dern, Christian Slater, Giovanni Ribisi, Angela Bassett, Cheech Marin, and Fred Ward. How about that? Good and even great casts won't assure a wonderful movie if the directing and writing don't come through, however, seeing that group work together will be interesting. Larry Charles directed it and, although not credited, Bob Dylan is said to have had a large part in writing it. This is part of what was written about it on the website.

Larry Charles has put all these con men, two-timers, and fallen women into an environment that looks like the place we all worry we're going to end up in if government services fall into the deficit hole and our retirement funds get moved into some CEO's beach house. It's not Post-Apocalyptic, it's not that highfalutin. Masked and Anonymous takes place in a country that could be California or Cuba ten years from now, could be El Salvador or Haiti ten years ago, or could be Texas today if Santa Anna had won the war. It's a mythic America all right, but no more mythic than the America displayed in most Hollywood films.

That makes it sound interesting too. Guess we'll find out.

10:56:00 AM

Tuesday, July 22, 2003  

I hesitate to write about this because I'm really getting tired of myself medically. I went to Baptist Hospital for an ultrasound of my thyroid and then to the endocrinologist Dr. Andrea Hayes at Centennial for a fine-needle aspiration of the nodule on my thyroid. She was painless doing the FNA and very competent, and I've have many needles in my throat and neck. I had to go to Baptist for that because of the war between Blue Cross/Blue Shield and HCA and CMA. Whatever! The insurance nazis are out of control. I'll hear from the tests in around a week. Like Roseanne Rosanna Danna said, "It just goes to show, it's always something!"

2:23:00 PM

Trivia Quiz

1. PP - What U.S. state and Canadian province are connected by the Alcan Highway?
2. AE - How many gables did the Old Pyncheon House have?
3. HIS - Who was the youngest man to assume the U.S. presidency without being elected to that office?
4. SN - What tick-borne disease is named for a town in Connecticut?
5. SL - What was the final score of the 1966 "Game of the Century" between Notre Dame and Michigan State?
6. WC - What colorful optical toy was invented by David Brewster in Scotland in 1817?
7. Movie - This over-the-top comedy was supposedly based on actual college experiences. This film spawned a short-lived television series called "Delta House." The film included one of the great food fights of all time.

I knew the answers to more of these than last time because of teaching U.S. History and Literature. No clue of course on #5.

Bonus points for giving more information about any of the questions. Have fun. Show off. Be amusing. Hints are available upon request.

1:43:00 PM

July Birthdays

We went to brunch Sunday for Mother's and Melissa's birthdays. Then Mother and I kept Brendan while Brian and Melissa went to a movie (Pirates of the Carribbean - they said it was good). He was just wonderful while we kept him and entertained us part of the time doing aerobics and smiling at the mobile. They are good parents. A few photos of the day are in the album at the left.

1:34:00 PM

Sunday, July 20, 2003  

I've worked on my blog some and made a few changes. Some of them are hardly noticeable and some are obvious additions. Let me know how many you find. :-)

Answers to the Trivia Quiz will be posted Tuesday in the comments section.

11:21:00 PM

Saturday, July 19, 2003  

If you didn't read Doonesbury last Sunday, please check it out. Trudeau hit the nail on its liberal head with this one. Larry King asked Hillary if the Democrats wouldn't have done the same thing if the President had been Republican when Clinton (my President) was hounded by Ken Starr. She told him no because they aren't very good at that kind of thing and have other issues on their minds. I definitely agree with her. What I don't understand is why more people aren't upset by the lies going on now and this horrible economy. We liberals need to find a candidate who will rise from the ashes and win. Getting it together is apparently not possible for us. It's like Will Rogers said, "I don't belong to an organized political party. I'm a Democrat." So true!! Maybe we all have AADD.

9:01:00 PM


I'm out of so many loops that I'm used to it; however, when I was at the grocery other day, I saw peach salsa that Paul Newman's company makes. I didn't realize salsa branched out like that. I almost bought some out of curiosity but decided against it for now. I've tried to imagine how it would taste and might try it eventually. Have any of you eaten it? If so, what did you think about it?

5:33:00 PM

Friday, July 18, 2003  
New Feature

I've added a photo album that's easier to access now. You don't have to register to see these. There are two recent photos of Brendan and Melissa I took when I visited them Tuesday. Earl is letting me use his old digital camera since he bought a new fancy-schmancy Nikon. It's amazing too. The one he's letting me borrow is a good one, too, since Earl is after all a professional. This has resulted in many phone calls to him asking a bunch of questions. The part that's going to really take a while is learning to alter them on a photo-editing program. I'm making progress but have a really long way to go just to be adequate.

Grandchildren are the greatest!!

6:18:00 PM

More Socializing

I had lunch yesterday with Michelle (Trivia Quiz participant) and her husband Raymond. It was so good to see Michelle again after all this time. I was her homebound teacher when she had the longest case of mono on record, I think. She was also Brian's first girlfriend. Her father and my father knew each other since they bowled together. Her father and grandfather were both doctors and so is her brother. Michelle and Raymond met at Auburn when she was majoring in architecture but later changed to other majors. She's been doing various things such as being a vet tech and office manager for a chiropractor. She's back in school again studying astronomy and she'll have to fill in the rest. He has degrees in business and computer science and was working on his PhD when ILM recruiters visited his campus and offered him a job, so they moved to California. Now he has this really cool job working on movies.

We had a good time catching up and laughing. They came by the house a while. Now at least Michelle will know the difference when I send her the "after" photos if I ever get this place organized and clean. This was a bad first impression for Raymond, but I've decided not to let some cat hair and dust and clutter get in the way of visiting with friends and having fun.

3:44:00 PM

The Home

I'm posting this hoping someone who does a computer search will contact me. If you or someone you know was in the Florence Crittenden Home in Chattanooga at any time from April until September, 1963, please get in touch with me. I'm trying to remember more about the time I was there now that my daughter found me. I'd like to talk with some of you and see what's happened in your lives and if any of you are in reunion or not. I've joined an online support group for reconnected birthmothers which has really helped. One of our members wrote a book about her experiences that's titled The Same Smile. I'm amazed by how well she remembers all the details. Her book is well-written and so descriptive that it's like being there. She also lost another daughter who died from leukemia when she was 16. She's quite a survivor and good writer. I recommend the book if you're interested in reading it. There's a place to order it on her website. Amazon and bookstores also have it.

Keywords that might help with this search: unwed mothers, adoption, adoptees, maternity home, teenage pregnancy, adoption reform, open records.

Please email me if you were there when I was or if you went through this experience and want someone to talk to.

3:06:00 PM

Wednesday, July 16, 2003  
Catching Up

Let's see, what have I been doing lately? I watched movies during part of the weekend and saw Frida and White Oleander. I want to buy the DVD of Frida when it's affordable because of the special features. There are two disks and one is entirely interviews and commentaries. One interview with Julie Taymor is by Bill Moyers. I enjoyed the movie and learned more about Frida Kahlo's and Diego Rivera's relationship and marriage. Salma Hayek and Alfred Molina gave convincing performances, and the music added to the movie too. One of the significant issues that relationship and the movie dealt with concerned fidelity and loyalty. When he proposed, he admitted that he was physically incapable of fidelity and asked if that were important to her. She thought for a while and said that loyalty was and asked if he could be loyal. He responded that to her he could be loyal always. I'm sure some discussions will ensue after audiences discuss their views on this subject. Her paintings are surrealistic and internal. Diego Rivera's murals often depicted workers and social causes.

Monday I went to see Dr. Burkey about the growth on my thyroid. He said as long as it doesn't get larger or cause any problems, he wouldn't do anything about it, but that we need to keep checking to be sure it doesn't grow. He said in the meantime the endocrinologist could treat it medically to see if that shrinks it. I really do like Dr. Burkey and enjoy being around his staff, too. That's a pleasant atmosphere there where they obviously respect and admire him. I can understand why, too.

I saw an endocrinologist yesterday and will have another ultrasound and fine-needle aspiration next week to obtain a comparison of the thyroid nodule. As I've mentioned before, I'm getting really tired of myself with all this!

Yesterday I also visited Brendan. He's growing and thriving! I just love holding him. He smiles at me, knows me, and talks to me. He went to sleep on me too and let me hold him all I wanted to.

Melissa looks great now and has her tiny size back. She's completing some additional paintings to take to Dragon*Con in September. It's in Atlanta and helps elevate her geek status. They've been going to that one and Chattacon (in Chattanooga) for many years. Melissa wins awards there for her paintings very often. Check out her artwork on her site. I just love The Astronomer. The Hidden Faces series, Mermaid Touching Sky, Cold Water Mermaid, the unicorn ones, and Dance Around the Moon aren't all on her site but wonderful. I have prints of many of her paintings on my walls and really enjoy being able to see them.

5:19:00 PM

Saturday, July 12, 2003  
Trivia Quiz

Anyone feel free to answer the questions. Our rules are simple - answer or guess correctly, be creative and funny, or all of the above!! Laugh and learn!

I chose from two different cards this time and added some commentary. For the Science and Nature question I used both because it covered math and language arts. I knew the answers to only 2 of these.

1. PP - Which enduring African country offers free education to its citizens at all levels including universities?
2. AE - What talk show host was the first female comic to win on Star Search? (will creep you out)
3. HIS - What is the name of the three-headed dog who, according to Greek mythology, guards the gates of hell? (my former students have to know this - remember HE and SHE and Psyche's tasks)
4. SN - What is a triangle with 3 unequal sides called? (math question)
What is a group (or pack) of foxes called? (or collective noun for you English majors)
5. SL - Who has walked more batters than anyone in baseball history?
6. WC - What British breed of dog is affectionately known as the "Bobtail"?
7. Movie - Action in this movie takes place in the Middle Ages. This film co-stars Christian Slater and Morgan Freeman. This movie included the popular music single "Everything I Do, I Do For You."

9:24:00 PM


I'm still wondering about some of you and how much of a geek you are. Take the Geek Test and let us know! See our scores in an earlier post.

3:09:00 PM

Friday, July 11, 2003  
Yoda (not)

I went to my first yoga class last night at the Episcopal Church. Someone comes there to teach the class. I liked it and look forward to knowing what I'm doing which I suspect is going to take quite a while. Those poses in the pictures look much easier than they are. Who knew you have to concentrate on every muscle in your body and mentally ask them to move in certain directions and remain that way while other parts of your body do other individual and equally difficult tasks? How's a mind to keep all that straight? I suppose it happens. The others in the class have been taking for two years, so I'm in the remedial row. Well, it's a row of one actually. Now I need accessories. I found that to do yoga properly I need a mat, a block, and some kind of cotton belt or strap. The instructor let me use her mat and block last night. Those mats are good - cushiony and keep your feet in place. I have yoga tapes but haven't watched them yet. I've seen them do it on TV but didn't do it along with them since it's more entertaining just to watch and not get up and exert myself. I'm slowly giving up my most practiced vice of the seven deadly - sloth. Even giving up parts of it won't erase it entirely. I have way too much experience with that one! Too bad I didn't start this earlier, and I could have given it up for Lent. I used to tell people I was giving up celibacy for Lent. They laughed and I'm not sure it was just for the joke or if they thought there wasn't much hope of changing that status. I choose to think they were applauding my wit. I'm sure that must have been it.

3:15:00 PM

Tuesday, July 08, 2003  

Kathy's mother died this morning. She's 81 and has had Alzheimers for a long time and was in assisted living. During the last few months she's gotten worse and was moved to a nursing home where she continued to get worse. The funeral will be Thursday.

I wish times had been different then, but I'm grateful to her for bringing Kathy up so well and loving her. Kathy is a very good mother herself and must have had a good example. Reunion is a strange situation with no guidelines. Kathy told me that she's glad she has another mother she knows and loves. So am I.

Right now my thoughts are with Kathy and her family during their loss. I know how hard it is to lose a parent.

4:40:00 PM

Monday, July 07, 2003  

I was reminded recently during a conversation with a male friend about that "male thing" of feeling obligated to offer advice. Some women do this as well, but it more male than female. Sometimes women need to vent or tell someone what's on their minds simply to get it out of our systems or sort of think out loud. All that's really necessary for us is to feel that we are being heard. Actually sometimes that's not as important as being able to express our thoughts without interruption. Generally we don't really want advice unless we ask for it. This should be a relief to men since it involves no responsibility on their part to be part of a conversation. They can simply learn some appropriate replies and not engage themselves emotionally to search for solutions. Asking questions that don't make them sound like a therapist could be helpful, but mostly they need to remember the topic since there might be a test. I realize it's not easy learning how to get along with women, but I think Mel Gibson has a clue.

I've scratched the surface after 20 years of marriage. Women want chocolate and conversation.
~ Mel Gibson

12:33:00 PM

New Visitors

Please sign the Guest Map when you visit. Some states, countries, and entire continents are empty. Do your part to help populate my map. Thank you and welcome to my world.

12:12:00 PM

Trivia Quiz

New trivia quiz for you today! Guess well, be right, or go for the joke!!

1. PP - What South Pacific archipelago contains Bora-Bora and Tahiti?
2. AE - What Italian poet took readers on a comedy tour of Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven?
3. HIS - What did King Otto I become the first emperor of in 962 AD?
4. SS - What garden flower is the source of the life-saving medication digitalis?
5. SL - What is rolled in the sport of birding?
6. WC - What is the most popular form of kinetic art?
7. Movie - It all begins with a radio talk show.
Both lead characters were baseball fans in this movie.
It's loosely based on the 1950's classic, An Affair to Remember.

12:09:00 PM

Friday, July 04, 2003  

Eight more people and the counter will reach 8,000 visitors. If it is you, please let us know! Leave a comment. Sign the guestmap. Do something!

3:23:00 PM

Check This Out

Try this: Go to Google. Type: weapons of mass destruction (no quotation marks). Do NOT click Google Search. Instead, click: I’m Feeling Lucky. Then read the whole error message carefully.

Happy 4th of July!

3:11:00 PM

Thursday, July 03, 2003  

Once again Earl and I didn't win the lottery. We're getting good at it.

8:35:00 AM

Tuesday, July 01, 2003  
Various Info

I have answers to our controversial tipping (not cows, bag boys) debate. After some of you made me feel guilty about not tipping since that's what they get paid for, I had an interesting experience this evening. I've been taking my groceries out myself or tipping the ones who take them to my car since our discussion. Imagine my surprise when the bagboy said, "No, thank you" when I offered him a tip. So of course I asked him about the tipping policy and said I was confused about what to do. He said they weren't supposed to take tips and that it caused some problems. I asked what most people do, and he said most don't tip. I explained that I hadn't tipped for years until some people made me feel guilty for not doing it. He told me not to feel guilty and said they were paid to sack groceries and take them out to the car. So now I will go back to my old ways and feel fine about it. Just wanted you to know.

Apropos of nothing, I was thinking as I looked around today at the exterior of my house how the lesbian house painters never finished the job. I need to do that and get some bookcases for my room at school. If any of you have any you are planning to get rid of or know where I can get a good deal on them, please let me know. Thanks.

Our friend Scaryduck is a contributor to a book of stories that's been published recently. Go to his site and check out the information about it.

I went to Mother's cousin Annabelle Daniel's funeral today. Her grandchildren wrote memories they have of her which were read at the funeral. Very touching and meaningful. Her daughter Sue and I graduated together.

9:09:00 PM


I clicked on another Nurse Joy fantasy search on my tracker and received quite an interesting education. Apparently Nurse Joy is a character on Pokemon. If anyone is here accidentally and disappointingly after a search, please tell me something about this character. Some of you who read this might know, now that I think about it.

There were other sites not suitable for children that I won't describe. It seems that Nurse Joy gets around.

6:36:00 PM

Trivia Quiz

These questions are of a more international nature than some have been which should be of interest to non-American contestants since I'm using the American version of the game. Remember the rule - if you can't be right, be funny!

1. PP Who said, "As far as I'm concerned, there won't be a Beatles reunion as long as John Lennon remains dead"?

2. AE What mythological prophetess was doomed never to be believed, even if she told the truth?

3. HIS Which blood disorder was Richard Massie researching that inspired him to write the biography of the last czar of Russia?

4. SN What do the initials LED stand for?

5. SL Who was the first woman to swim the English Channel?

6. WC What deodorant brand was the first to be marketed in roll-on form?

7. Movie Lifelong friends are torn apart by a woman and the law.
Mel Gibson has a steamy love scene, literally.
This movie is named after a drink.

Let the games begin!!

Answers to the previous trivia quiz are in the comments box at the end of the post.

6:03:00 PM

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